A monstrous amalgam of alcohol, engineering students and knowledge, in conjunction with the lads at OpenSUTD

Info SUTD Unfiltered is a series of lightning fast presentations followed by a quick human library by passionate people in our community. Check out the speakers for the day!

8pm, 17th September at D'star Bistro
Presentations start at 8.30pm

Check out the offers for the day!

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Thanks to the awesome Career Development Centre, you too can sabo hapless students to present at random events!

*yes they sent out the entire namelist with the companies that we were interning in!

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Up for a challenge? Summer was too interesting? Too drunk to remember what happened? Go for ARCADE MODE
Otherwise, prepare for a pecha kucha-styled presentation!

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Deals for the day!

3-4pax, $39.90

*special thanks to d'star for the offers

Set A

1 tower Carlsberg
Fish Fingers
Eel Skin
Luncheon Meat Fries

No seriously this is a really good deal, my personal favourite! Eel Skin? Who doesn't want that!

Set B

1 tower Carlsberg
Cheese Fries
8pcs Spring roll

I'm kididng, THIS is my real absolute favourite deal. There's CHEESE FRIES! Who doesn't want that!!

Set C

1 tower Carlsberg
Chicken Wings
Luncheon Meat Fries
8 pcs Spring Roll

Okay, wait. Luncheon Meat Fries? Okay no, this takes the cake. Absolute best deal in our 10-year history.

So what's happening?

Pick a format

Presentations Unfiltered

15x20 slides of anything cool you’ve done, especially if it’s for summer'19!

Presentations are done in a maximum of 15 slides, for 20 seconds per slide. Each presentation lasts for a total of 5 minutes.
We’re looking for a casual, honest and genuine presentation. Take off the kiddie gloves and give us the cold hard truth, unabashedly unfiltered.

Based off the Pecha Kucha format.
Pecha Kucha (PK) is Japanese (ペチャクチャ) for “chit-chat” and is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (6 minutes and 40 seconds in total).


Ah, you’re a brave one aren’t you?

In Arcade Mode, you’ll give the presentation, but we’ll be providing the slides.
You’ll get to see your topic and deck at the start of the event, so think fast!
It’ll be topics about SUTD, just so it’s a little fairer for everyone.

Inspired by presentation roulette, we'll prep a simple deck of slides that's SUTD-focused just for laughs!